Sunrise Academy

With approximately 10,000 Muslims living in Bakersfield today, our objective is to dedicate a place for those in our community to practice and share our faith, as well as prepare our children for the future.

Our Vision

رَبَّنَا آتِنَا فِي الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَّفِي الْآخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً

“Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter.”

Our vision is to become the Premier Islamic education and College preparatory Institution that delivers the highest level of Academic and Islamic education.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare our children to become role models and leaders, grounded in faith, knowledgeable in contemporary arts and sciences, and in service to our community and humanity at large.

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Educational Philosophy

Based on the social justice principles laid out in the Holy Prophet’s Last Sermon, we aspire to raise Muslim leaders who believe in equality, celebrate cultures, and value differences in opinion.

We identify with experiential learning in which students actively participate and learn in an engaging, fun manner. Inspired by social cognitive theories, we believe teachers and parents to be role models, who leave lasting impressions on children’s lives.

We deeply value our children’s physical, social, and mental well-being. Our instruction will incorporate state-of-the-art technology in order to prepare students for the rigor of the modern workforce.

Sunrise Academy

Our Name

We named our facility Sunrise because every day the sun rises, it gives us a new opportunity to start over and be better than we were before. Every sunrise is like a new page, an invitation for us to arise and improve ourselves and those around us. Every sunrise gives us a new beginning to be better Muslims, In Sha Allah.

“Rest but never quit. Even the sun has a sinking spell each evening. But it always rises again the next morning. At sunrise, every soul is born again.” – Muhammad Ali