Alshimaa Rizk

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  • Master Thesis In Progress
  • Masters in Arabic and Islamic Studies -Menoufia University (Grade: very good)
  • Special Diploma in Mental Health – Damanhour University, 2021
  • General Ed Diploma – Al-Azhar Al-Sharif (Grade: excellence, ranked first in the class of 2015)
  • Bachelor’s in Islamic Shariah and Arabic Studies -Al-Azhar Al-Sharif 2008/2009 (Grade: very good)
  • Memorization of the Holy Quran (Hafiza) 

Current Experience:

  • 6 years at Brilliance Private Language School (BLS). Teacher in Islamic education, jurisprudence, faith/aqeedah, and Quran for preparatory and secondary stages. Developed my curricula and studying material.
  • Quran Teacher, Nour Bayan and Islam for children at (Dar Al Quran) company online for Muslim children abroad
  • Certificate in the recitation of the Holy Qur’an (rewayat Hafs and Shu’bah from Asim) in 2013-2014. 
  • Certificate in the recitation of the Holy Qur’an (rewayat Ibn Amer) in 2020.
  • Certificate to teach “Nour Al-Bayan method” for teaching reading, writing in the Arabic language.
  • Certificate in the texts of “Tuhfat Al Atfal” & “Al Jazirah” & “Al Salsabeel Al Shafi” in teaching Tajwid of Quran.
  • Course in student’s behavior modification and dealing with learning difficulties; Instructor: Dr. Sarah Lotfy, 2020.
  • Course in mental maps & ways of applying techniques and benefiting from them in education
  • Course on interpretation & reflection on the Noble Qur’an, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Safty, Al-Azhar University
  • Course in preparing teachers of Qur’an from Dar Al-Tawhid, 2005
  • Volunteering administrator in the club “Jalsat Tilawat AlQuran” on clubhouse
  • Quran memorization centers for 10 years (2006-2017)
  • Quran (and Nour Bayan) teacher at Dar Al-Fawzan of Alexandria (5 years)
  • Quran and Tajweed teacher at the centers of Dr. Al-Masrawy in Baltim, Kafr El-Sheikh under the Egyptian —- Reciters Association for Quranic Readings and Studies (6 years)
  • Al-Hamd Islamic Center under the supervision of Wisal Association (2 years)
  • Certified 24 female students of mastering the recitation of the Qur’an, centers of Dr. Al-Masrawi in Baltim branch in Kafr El-Sheikh
  • Conducted several courses in explaining Quran Tajwid
  • Native Arabic Language Speaker